We carry out supervision, inspection and testing of mechanical equipment (such as Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Welded structures, Forgings, Castings, Piping, Fittings and Flanges, Valves, Filters, Compressors, Turbines and Pumps, etc.).

We are familiar with relevant manufacturing processes, codes and standards
such as BS standards, EN standards, ANSI series, API Stds, ASME series, ASTM series, physical/mechanical properties testing, NDT procedures and equipment,
acceptance and performance testing.
During our inspection activities, we can carry out:
- Review of NDE procedures against Customer’s specification requirements
and applicable codes and standards; review of personnel qualification such as NDE qualifications and Welders' Qualifications
- Witness of PWHT and Quality Heat Treatments against Customer’s
specification requirements and applicable codes and standards
- Review of mill certificates and base material certs as per EN 10204
- Witness of forging operations on different types of forgings and materials
- Witness of tensile test, impact test, CTOD test
- Witness of dimensional examinations against construction drawings, including 3D-geometrical examinations with measuring machines and with
- Witness of run-out check and static / dynamic balancing of shafts and rotors
- Witness of PT, MT, RT and UT examinations against applicable specs,
standards and codes
- Witness of pressure tests on heat exchangers and pressure vessels
- Witness of hydraulic and pneumatic tests, functional tests on valves
- Witness of pressure and functional test on filters and accumulators
- Witness of coating check, painting DFT check and pull-off test
- Check of calibration certificates for dimensional measuring equipments,
pressure gauges, tensile and charpy testing machines,
thermocouples, furnaces for heat treatments.
- Witness of performance, NPSH, functional inspection on centrifugal pumps
- Performance of expediting activity including check of production schedule
and of manufacturer’s production capacity
- Review of Manufacturer’s Data Book
- Issue of detailed inspection and expediting reports
- Issue of Inspection Release Notes
- Issue of Non Conformity Reports and follow-up until resolution.

We will submit the CV of suitably experienced and qualified Specialists to the Client's approval  prior to any inspection or expediting activity.